The company

MISIA has been manufacturing an extensive range of hoists for more than 35 years.
Over 100.000 wire rope units have been sold worldwide and are operational in every industry sector.
The XM series range consists of 11 sizes with capacities between 1.000 Kg and 50.000 Kg.
The hoist units are available in different configurations: low headroom monorail, standard headroom monorail, foot mounted (fixed or suspended), double rail “crab” units (supported or suspended).
With these configurations, this standard range allows the XM series to meet any requirements or application: capacity, hook travel, travel and hoisting speed, load spectrum based on the FEM classification (FEM section IX). All MISIA hoists comply with the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.




Corporate name: MISIA PARANCHI SRL
Address: 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
Tel: +39 02 61298983
Fax: +39 02 6121769
Vat: 07249290151
Fiscal code: 05954390588
Capital: 416.000,00 euro
Year of establishment: 1982
Quality certification: ISO 9001

Engineering production and distribution of hoists and components for bridge cranes

• Electric rope hoists: capacity from 500 Kg up to 50.000 Kg

• Electric chain hoists: capacity from 125 Kg up to 2000 Kg

• Jib cranes and monorails

• Hooks and hook blocks

• Crane wheels blocks

• Mechanical and elechtronic overload limiters

• Overload limiters for special applications


The commercial documentation, together with the technical instruction manuals for the installation, use and maintenance of electric rope hoists, which accompany the sale of every machine, have been drawn up in accordance with unified standards UNI EN 292 – parts 1 and 2.
The XM series electric rope hoists are produced in accordance with the Machine Directive 89/392/EEC, with the Italian law DPR 459 dated July 24th, 1996 and the Directive 98/37/EEC and 2006/45/EEC.
The components of the hoist comply with the requirements of the Directive and CE Mark confirms the conformity of the whole equipment.
MISIA produces and sells the electric rope hoists under a registered quality control system approved to ISO 9001, with issue from the Certification Company BV Italia certificates: ACCREDIA.