MISIA products are governed by the General Conditions of Sale shown below.
The technical characteristics and the regulations applicable to MISIA products are indicated in the current catalogues.

Art.1 Orders and contract stipulation:The Client’s order is binding and can be cancelled or modified only with MISIA PARANCHI Srl’s written approval.
Orders submitted by the Client via electronic means (fax, email, internet, other) and signed electronically have the same substantial and evidential value as those stipulated in writing, in accordance with Presidential Decree 513/97 and are regulated by articles 1326,1334,1335 of the Italian Civil Code.

Art. 2 Delivery: The delivery date is indicative. Any delays due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, for example, unavailability of raw materials, machinery breakdown, strikes, etc., will not be imputable to MISIA PARANCHI Srl.
MISIA PARANCHI Srl shall not be liable to clients for loss of production, profit, contracts or for any other direct or indirect damage.
When shipment is paid by the Client, goods travel at the risk and danger of the Client.

Art.3 Payments: The Client shall pay MISIA PARANCHI Srl directly, according to the conditions and methods indicated in the order confirmation. Payments cannot be delayed or suspended, not even in the case of machinery breakdown (regardless if still covered by warranty), dispute or complaint. Compensations are not admitted.
Advanced payments made at the time the order was placed will not be returned and will remain with MISIA PARANCHI Srl, even if, for whatever reason, the order is later cancelled and without prejudice to MISIA PARANCHI Srl’s further claims and actions in the case of larger damages.
Payments will be charged in accordance to articles 1193 and 1194 of the Italian Civil Code.

Art.4 Warranty: Upon receiving the goods, the Client shall check the goods and make sure they comply with the order confirmation.
Complaints must be received within 8 days from the date the goods were delivered.
Unless otherwise indicated in the order, MISIA PARANCHI Srl warrants its machines for 24 months. The warranty covers, within the term indicated, exclusively malfunctioning parts affected by manufacturing defects. The warranty covers only the repair/replacement of the defective part at MISIA PARANCHI Srl’s premises.
The goods must be sent to MISIA PARANCHI Srl. Shipment costs shall be met by the Client. The cost of dismantling/reassembling the machine in the location where it is installed shall be met by the Client. Components provided by third parties (electrical and electromechanical components) are covered by 12-month warranty. Parts naturally subject to wear and tear (friction gaskets, chains, couplings, etc.) and/or weathering and decay, are not covered by warranty. The validity of the warranty is subject to the correct installation, use and maintenance, in accordance with the instructions provided with the machine. The warranty shall not be valid if non-original spare parts, or spare parts not recommended by MISIA PARANCHI Srl, are used.

Art.5 Conditional sale: In case of deferred payments, ownership stays with MISIA PARANCHI Srl until after the payment of the last instalment.The Client may not sell, pledge or transfer the goods until the payment of the last instalment. The Client shall inform MISIA PARANCHI Srl of where the goods acquired with conditional sale are stored.

Art.6 Dispute resolution: Any disputes pertaining or connected with the order contract will be the exclusive competence of the Courts of Milan.